Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Oh my God!! Jennifer Lawrence has a secret twin sister ???

Jennifer Lawrence....   
I saw Jennifer Lawrence for the first time when she has triumphed the Hollywood's big game.
Yes... at the Oscars 2012.

Remember her fall (chuckle), even she cannot forget it..Talking about Oscars, I have started seeing it from 2009, the year "Slumdog Millionaire" was at the Oscars.

We were watching Oscars 2012, of course me and my sister, my parents are not into english programs. They think english programs are over rated. Me too agree to an extent. They need a very good censor board.

When the nominations were reading for the Best actress award, I took a break and it was worth a break
.. I heard my sister calling... Like some one is about to die.

I rushed to the room... I saw my sister's Mr.Bean face, You r
emember this face...

We both looked at each other like eh????

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence was on the floor

 I fell like a fallen tree on to the sofa thinking 

"Do actresses fell down !???"
"Aren't they supposed to be the perfect people on earth !!!"

"From toe to tip they look so perfect !!!" 
Hmm... Now I doubt it.

My sister said "What is on her mind!! A Movie Script or something!!!"

I think she deserves some sympathy "look at her dress!!! People". 

I asked my sister for her name 

She replied like "Jeli... Jeni..."

I have no reason to shout at her because american's have a very weird accent.

Next day by 10.00AM, I opened my mail box. Found nothing special.. I was about to shut down the machine, she came into my mind..Yes the lady who fell down at the Oscars.

I took to google and wrote "oscars fall" there were a few auto suggestions coming "oscars fall jennifer lawrence" "oscars jennifer lawrence fall" 
"oscars 2012 jennifer lawrence fall" etc.

The internet was flooded with her fall, Good time for bloggers.

I have clicked on her wikipedia page, read about her (bla bla bla..) Feeling Bored. I was about to close her page I took a close look at her photo. 

Hmm... She is a diva. (I personally think her Wikipedia page deserves much better photo of her.)

Just below the photo was her date of birth. For a moment I had a Mr.Bean face. 

After a few seconds, my inner mind called me up "Wake Up". 

I read each and every line in her wikipedia page and I ran next to my sister like Archimedes "Eureka...Eureka..."

I yelled at her "She has the same date of birth of mine" like "I am the first to land on Jupiter" (Feeling so proud ha..)

Without any interest, she asked "Who?"

I said "Jennifer Lawrence"

Again she replied "Who?"

I said "You remember the lady who fell down yesterday at the Oscars?"

She said "Oh...Ya.. Another lunatic"

I said "She is a nice lady she does a lot of charity works"
continued "She is the second youngest actress to get nominated at the age of 18" 

I was following her all her way trying to convince her.
I didn't knew she was going to take a bath and at an instance she told me with a warning "Do you want to bath with me?" 

I said "No" 

OK. Let it be. Why should I convince her. 
She must be jealous of me because I share my date of birth with "THE Jennifer Lawrence".

When I was born in India on August 15 1990 she was born in USA.

To this moment I haven't seen any of her films, but I always wish her good luck and lot of success in her life.

Hoping she will see my blog one day.

Wish You Good Luck Jennifer
Your's So Called
Twin Sister

*Disclaimer - I have no bad intention for Jennifer Lawrence by writing this article. If you felt any bad intention,  just get out of my blog. Hope Jennifer Lawrence will not file case against me. Love Jennifer...+Jennifer Lawrence FanPage

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